Report for schMOOze

Prepared by Cheng-Chao Su , National Taiwan Junior College of Performing Arts

Search for the answers to these questions. (Copy the text directly from schMOOze to your paper)

  1. Character: Apply for a character and set your gender and description.
    1. What is the name and object number of your character?
    2. Why did you choose that name? What is your gender?
    3. What is your description? Whose description do you like best? Why?
    4. What is a wizard, a builder, a player? How do you become a player or a builder?
  2. Classroom (Commands and Features)
    1. What does LACTOS (Classroom Building) stand for? Go to the Classroom (Guest 101) and show how to learn a command. Go to the Classroom (Players 151) and show how to learn a command.
    2. Go to the Programmer's Classroom in the Advanced Works Department. What TV programs are available now? How do you use the TV? Who is the narrator? Who should watch the TV programs?
    3. How do you send/read mail in schMOOze. Send a MOO mail to someone and read the mail you receive.
    4. What are Feature Objects (FO)? Add, at least, 2 features to yourself and show how to use these features.
    5. What are the Lists in schMOOze? Subscribe to one of the Lists. Read one of the posts on the list that interests you.
  3. Main Gate
    1. What is the news now? List the news and Read/Show one of the articles.
    2. What is the players' news now? List the players' news and Read/Show one of the articles.
    3. How many clues are there in the Treasure Hunt? What are they? What is the aim or goal of the Treasure Hunt?
    4. What is the mission of schMOOze? When was schMOOze established?
  4. MOOrrey's Bar
    1. Show the map of the MOOrrey's Bar. Who created the Bar and When? When did the bar catch fire? Who helped to rebuild the bar?
    2. What's the name of the bouncer? What is a bouncer? What nationality and gender is the bouncer? What's the name of the waiter? Where does the waiter come from? How old is the waiter?
    3. In the main Lounge, order some food and eat it. Play the Dartboard until you win.
    4. Go to the Bar. What drinks do you like? Why? Order the drinks and drink them.
    5. Go to Dance Floor. Invite someone to dance. Who is the DJ? What's the name of the DJ? Request a song from the DJ.
    6. Go to the Kitchen. Who is the chef? What does he look like? How old is he?
    7. Go to the Men's or Women's room. What does the room look like? How do you use it?
  5. Conference Center
    1. How many floors are there in the Conference Center? Which room do you like best? Why?
    2. What can you see on the blackboard in the FUN Room, Holo Room, Narnia Room and the Quartz Room? Put/write one message on the blackboard in one of the rooms.
    3. Find the Poster. Where is the picture taken/drawn? What is the view of the picture?
  6. Dormitory
    1. Find/Show your favorite room. Why do you like the room?
    2. How do you take the elevator? Show how to take the elevator to different floors.
    3. Where is EFI room? How do you use the room? What do you think of the room?
    4. Apply for a room and set up your home. Decorate your room. (optional)
    5. Go to the Fallout Shelter in the basement. Find the innocuous-looking panel and tunnels (passages). Where can you go? Map all the ways.
  7. Administration
    1. Go to the basement. Find the Tunnel Maze and answer the questions to find your way through the maze. Copy some proof at the end of the Tunnel Maze to show that you made it through, and put it into your report.
    2. Go to Gregor's office. Find and show the USA map, and Colorado map? What is a LAVA Lamp?
    3. Go to the President's Office. Who is the president? Show the President's picture.
    4. Go to the Office of Dean of James. What picture can you see in his room?
    5. Go to Players' News Room. Who is the editor? Write some suggestion or ideas for the players' news on the blackboard.6. Go to Stan's Office. Who is the top investor? How do you play the investing game?
    6. Go to the Art Gallery. Find and show the art work you like best? Why?
  8. Student Union
    1. Find the Cafeteria. Who serves food at the cafeteria? (What is his/her name?) Talk to the waiter. Find out how to order some food. Have a meal at the cafeteria. Copy your conversation, ordering and eating/drinking to your report.
    2. Go to the game room. Find and play two of the games that interest you.
    3. Go to the Party Room and request a song from The schMOOze Quartet. Why did you choose the song? Read/show the announcements on the Announcement Board now? Eat and drink something on the Buffet Table.
    4. Go to Swimming Pool, change your clothes in the dressing room. Swim in the pool, climb out of the pool, and then put on your clothes.
    5. Add one of your thoughts on the Wall of Graffiti. Which passage on the wall do you like best?
  9. Library
    1. Go to Haiku room. what is haiku? Read some haiku. Copy to your report the two that you like most. Explain in your report why you like them.
    2. Go to the Reference Room, what books are put in the cabinet? Read/Show one of the books you like most. Explain why you like the book?
    3. Find the schMOOze University Cookbook. Show one of the recipes you like best. Add a recipe to the Cookbook.
    4. Find the "Public Book"? Show one of the compositions you like best. Explain why you like the passage. Add a poem or a short passage to the book.
  10. POD Garden
    1. Read the POD Plaque. What does POD stand for? When did Mr. Bones die? How old was he? What was his first love?
    2. Take a walk around the garden, show what you can see? What does the garden look like in spring, summer, fall and winter? What season do you like best? Why?
    3. Find/Show the plant you like best? Why? Add one plant and show it (the plant & its description)
    4. Look at the pond. What is the name of the pond? Do you like the pond? Why or why not?
    5. What things are put in the Compost bin?6. What other things can you see in the garden? For example, bird, owl, , and forest spirit. What do they look like? Find the poems which describe the bird, owl, forest spirit.
  11. Culture Center
    1. Go to Assistance Office. Show the map of assistance office. Write a message in the Guestbook. Select/show two messages in Guestbook that interest you. List all the books on the bookshelves in the Introduction Room and the Advanced Room. Read/Show one of the books you think the most useful. Explain why you think it is useful.
    2. Go to the USA room. What are Northeast, Middle Atlantic States? Read/Show the views of these states. Find the USA Regional Cookbook. Who creates it? Read/Show the recipes you like, and add one into the book.
    3. Go to the Australia room. Show the map and flag of Australia. Read/Show the views of the posters of Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, posters of Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, and Australian Capital Territory. Where would you like to visit? Why?
    4. Go to the Korea room. What books are put in Bookshelf-A, Bookshelf-B, and in Bookshelf-C in the library?. Which book do you like best? Read/show the content of the book and explain why you like it. From one of the books, find which months are the hottest in Korea. How do you eat in the restaurant? Order and eat something in the restaurant. What does the Rainbow Bridge look like? Do you like it? Why or why not?
    5. Go to the Israel room. What kind of vehicles can you find? Can you take them? What rooms can you find in the Center of Kibbutz? Which one do you like best? Why?
  Wonderland & Free report

1. Find/Show your own wonderland in schMOOze. The place should be not mentioned above. Introduce the place, show how to use it, and explain why you like it.

2. Write down your thoughts and feelings about schMOOze. Write down in your report some comments or remarks (your feeling, impression or thoughts about the conversation, or something you learned from the conversation.)