Basic MOO Commands

Command Description Usage
"<message> to say something to people in the same room "Hi, everyone!
@who to find out who is logged on @who
map to show the map of schMOOze map
:<message> to perform an action :waves at everyone.
look (or just l) to see the description of the room you're in (including names of exits and who is with you there) l
l <object> to see the description of an object in the same room (including other players) l Yoshi
page <name> <message> to talk to someone who is not in the same room with you. page Gregor Help! I'm lost!
whis "<message>" to <name> to talk privately to someone in the same room you're in whis "It's too crowded here" to Mehitabel
knock <name> to ask for permission to join another player in a private room knock Flemmex
@join <name> to "teleport" to someone else's location @join archy
<exit name> to move to a new location via an exit north
@quit to stop MOOing and get out of the system @quit
Note: In this sheet, variables are enclosed in <brackets>, but DO NOT type the brackets in the MOO!